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Go, energize the community for a new church, love on Kenyans, and see the Big Continent.


We welcome you to travel with us each summer to experience beautiful East Africa in a meaningful and beneficial way that will bless your heart for the rest of your life.

Our intention is to use your gifts to bless the local church.  We do VBS, local evangelism, and lay leader training all to generate attention in the neighborhoods and villages within about 2-3 miles around one of our most recent church plants.    

Trips are normally 10 days roundtrip, with approximately 7 working days on the ground.  Our teams are normally 13-17 people each trip. Being on the Indian Ocean coast, or near it, we stay at a hand-full of known exotic locations chosen for their modern conveniences, safety, security, and of course cuisine! 

Teams will set out during the weekdays to the chosen location to either work with the local school children at the church or walk the villages around the church sharing the meeting times of this new congregation.  All the while sharing the Gospel to all we meet and inviting them to a mid-week church dedication service where worship will be lifted up like only Africans can do in song, and of course Gospel will be preached.  


Some minor maintenance projects on the new church location may need to be done; but the primary purpose of the trip is to introduce the new church planters to the community. 

The summer Continuing Education Conference will be happening at the same time near the community we will be working, so you will experience the gracious and warm hospitality that Kenyans are known for as all the OBM pastors, their wives, and the School of Theology students will be assisting in the community outreach when not in training.


Traveling with OBM Includes the Following:

  • Two Pre-Trip Meetings to Answer All Questions

  • Airfare, Traveling as a Group

  • Ground Expenses (hotel, food, private bus)

  • Travel Insurance (through Missionary Travel Association)

  • Kenya Visa and Other Entry Expenses

  • Mission Binder, which includes:

    • All Contact Numbers and Addresses, Travel Itineraries, Daily Agendas, and Team Assignments​

    • Insurance, Emergency, and Visa Information

    • International Travel Tips and Advice, and Recommended Packing Lists

    • Medical and Safety Advice and Recommendations

    • Introduction to Kenyan Culture and Language

    • Introduction to Christianity and Other Religions in Tribal Kenya

    • Introduction to Overseas Mission Work 

  • Team T-Shirt

  • Team Box (first aid and other general wellness supplies)

  • Plenty of African Hospitality, Opportunities for Genuine Spiritual Growth, and Adventure

What Do You Need to Provide?:   

  • Prayer (lots of it)

  • Fee (determined each year based on current costs)

  • A Servant's Heart and Flexibility

  • A Desire To Learn (how you do things may not work there, so easy on the telling)

Karibu Kenya!



Go on next year's trip. Reach out to us and get details.

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