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Bi-Monthly Conferences for OBM students and pastors taught by subject matters experts.


Since 2001 we have trained many pastors in coastal Kenya. We have, over the years, observed many situations where men have been taught solid doctrine, general Bible knowledge, and the basic ministerial tasks and yet over time they drift in their teachings and beliefs, or what we call "doctrinal slide". OBM intends to prevent this slide by reteaching, reinforcing, and encouraging our original curriculum by having regular topical conferences. 

In the United States and many places throughout the world, professionals must complete continuing education, or "CE" classes to ensure they remain relevant and current in their profession to satisfy their annual professional licensing requirements. That is where we get the name Continuing Education Conferences. ​

In short, we teach topics on how to run, lead, grow, and serve the local church beyond basic Bible lessons.  However, it is absolutely imperative we use sound doctrine to help the men and women mature in their "professional skills".


Why not just teach general Bible theology?  We believe, generally, that leaders are susceptible to adopting "other" explanations for ministry and doctrine, when they don't fully recognize that the 1st Century Church system was developed perfectly by the Lord.  The New Testament clearly lays out the roadmap for a healthy and Christ-focused local body of believers. And that roadmap aligns with what believe we need to teach the how's and the why's of their called responsibilities as to ensure it is harder to justify we an alternative explanation is plausible.


Different than being professionals in the business workplace, our pastors, students, and lay-leaders in the local OBM church plants, desire topics helping the Pastors, Deacons, pastor's wives, and other lay-leaders develop the skills to grow a local church.  We teach topics from Community Outreach, Discipline and Reconciliation in the Local Church, the importance of Church Membership, Roles of the Elders and Deacons, how to Plan, Write, and Deliver an Expository Sermon Series, and even the Biblical position on the Importance of Tithing and Congregational Financial Support. 




Let Us Know Your Interest in Teaching One of Our Conferences.

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